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Centralized Controlroom


A central control room is the dream of any intensive operation: The desire to have in a single location, several remote operations and the ability to take business decisions.

Each application can be used as a standalone to deliver some important insights for operations.

However the beauty of the control room is the ability to be modular and scalable (not necessarily having all these software in a single shot) and combine information from some of these disciplines to deliver even more brainpower – Any open software tool is based in open standards (some of them called web services), this allow dissimilar applications exchange information among them. Of course, the secret of merging different data from different sources is to deliver a useful result:

  • Video analytics could be combined with supervision systems. For example stopping a process if the camera identifies a physical risk to the system or personnel

  • Sustainability portal can be combined with business operations and supervision systems and deliver energy management information and emissions from different sites and unit operations.

In a summary combining the right software disciplines is literally limited to people’s imagination and its potential is virtually limitless.

Some of these tools in combination can even deliver a comprehensive and complete water management for plant operations.

Our solution integrates all management devices providing you with the ability to:

  • Real time performance and status information pertaining to Asset’s

  • Efficiency improvements

  • Achievement of obligations

  • Cost effective low maintenance plan

  • Real-time reporting services on all assets or asset groups

  • Global asset performance visibility

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