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Gain the lead with these software solutions

Afrigle's flagship software enabling you to manage and control your assets to effectively increase your production output.

Fuel management software enabling you to effectively manage fuel received, fuel dispensed and overhaul balancing.

A mobile application that allows you to send / collect packages to your destination using drivers in your area.

With the increase of IOT, Afrigle has created commercial and residential automation solutions. Some of these solutions include automated pumping, scada monitoring and house automation.

Fleet Management

Fuel & Lube Systems

Asset Resource mAnagement

Process Automation

Access control systems available with ad-hoc software or customized in house software. Help monitor and manage your employees.

Monitoring software that records and logs all incoming/outgoing network traffic, user activities and interactions, including keyboard strokes.

 Fixerooz provides a mobile digital platform for clients to easily grow their business and provides a hassle-free environment for customers to easily find desired service providers in their community.


Guroe is a community driven service provider, focusing on stimulating community businesses.  We strive to help small businesses get on the map.


Access Control

ATM (track sol)

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