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Whatever the requirements – conventional or breakthrough biometric technologies, use of biometric recognition alone or in combination with contact less cards, standalone or IP-networked installations, indoor or outdoor use – Morpho proposes the most reliable biometric solutions to protect access to a variety of premises, including:

  • Airport and seaport sensitive areas,

  • Government facilities,

  • Mines, power and petrochemical plants,

  • Banking and financial institutions,

  • Hospitals and laboratories,

  • Stadiums and entertainment facilities,

  • Corporate buildings,

  • Datacenters,

  • Prisons,

  • and much more..

Our innovative solutions are designed to be modular, and enable upgrades as system demand increases or as new technologies enter the market.

Connec T/A

Access Control terminals

morphoaccess_sigma_lite_02 No Back.png

MorphoAccess® SIGMA Lite series

Engineered with the same attention to detail and performance as all SIGMA Family readers, the MorphoAccess SIGMA Lite terminals are specifically designed to equip narrow mounting surfaces, such as glass/aluminum door mullions, turnstiles, or server rack doors.

With two designs and multiple card reader options, there are a variety of models to address the widest range of deployment scenarios, both indoors and outdoors.

  • World's #1 fingerprint technology inside: 1:10,000 user identification in 1 second

  • High capacity: 30,000 templates, 250,000 IDs in authorized user list, 1 Million logs

  • Anti-fraud features: fake finger detection, duress finger, timed anti-pass back

  • Flexibility: Prox®, iClass® or MIFARE®/DESFire®/NFC contactless card reader as an option

  • Embedded web server

  • Tough design: IP65 rated and vandal resistant (IK08)

  • Compatible with Morpho and Bioscrypt existing installations

saf2015_0163754_morphoaccess_sigma No Ba

MorphoAccess® SIGMA Series

United in a team whose experience and skill level have no equivalent in the industry, experts from Morpho and Bioscrypt join forces to design the best of breed fingerprint identification terminal.
Tailored for both Access Control and Time & Attendance applications, the MorphoAccess® SIGMA Series implements no fewer than 20 patents to master biometric identification and deliver a host of additional features, together with a refined and enjoyable user experience.

  • Time & Attendance features

  • Tablet-like user experience

  • Videophone function

  • Anti-fraud: fake finger & face detection, duress finger

  • Full set of contactless technologies including NFC

  • Embedded web server

  • IP65 rated design

  • Compatible with Morpho and Bioscrypt existing installations

… and fast 1:100 000 identification!

morphoaccess-serie-sigma-extreme No Back

specialized services

Based on the same platform as all SIGMA readers, the outdoor MA SIGMA Extreme is specifically designed to operate in harsh conditions, resisting rain, snow, dust and salt mist. The ruggedized biometric reader is designed for secure access control in challenging and manually labor-intensive environments, such as mines, seaports, airports and industrial sites.

  • IK09 rated: withstands strong impacts (including its large capacitive touchscreen) and resists to vandalism

  • IP65 certified enclosure (front and rear)

  • Large (23x23 mm), field-proven optical sensor

  • High capacity: 300,000 templates, 250,000 IDs in authorized user list, 1 Million logs

  • Anti-fraud features: fake finger detection (option), face detection, duress finger, timed anti-pass back

  • Time & Attendance functions

  • Videophone

  • Embedded web server

  • Flexibility: Prox, iClass or MIFARE/DESFire/NFC contactless card reader as an option



Facial recognition with temperature monitoring connected to your access control system.

Alerting you if an employee has a high temperature and denying access if the threshold is met.

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