Fuel / Lube Solutions

Custom Fuel Management Solutions

Econfuel management system is an enterprise level fuel management system that provides on-site hydrocarbon control and monitoring. By supplying robust field equipment with an innovative web/local-based application, backed by an enterprise database storage. Econfuel is a fuel management system that is flexible, handles remote and harsh environments, and provides all levels of users with the site-wide hydrocarbon data they need.

The system utilizes field measurement and control hardware to capture transaction and storage data, which is pushed to the EconFuel database. Fuel and lubes are only dispensed to authorized equipment items that are identified by a RFID tag. An additional layer of accountability can be added by re-querying user authorization at the dispensing or delivery point, which is reported as part of the transaction record.

Users can monitor their storage levels, transactions records, alarms and pre-defined template reports (ad hoc reports available). Data can be exported to third party systems. Limited access can be granted to fuel vendors to assist in inventory management.

EconFuel has the ability to monitor your vehicle usage using GPS tracking which will help prevent theft and control your drivers’ movements giving you the ability to fully control your operation from anywhere!

We also supply a range of fuel / lube equipment:

  • Hose reels

  • Meters

  • Nozzles

  • Pumps

  • Grease equipment

  • Bulk storage tanks

  • Filtration and condition monitoring services