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Resource Management


Resource management the efficient and effective development of an organization's resources when they are needed

A resource management plan identifies all of the resources required to complete a project, along with their costs and any risks or other variables. Just as importantly, a resource management plan is needed to get approval and buy-in from project sponsors and other executive decision makers.

However resource management plan isn’t a static document. Just as projects are iterative and progressively elaborated, resource needs and risks change as a project unfolds.

Afrigle develops robust, comprehensive resource management plans, and just as importantly it allows to generate real-time insights in to all available resources and workloads.

As such our project managers can:

  • Re-allocate resources on-the-fly in a matter of seconds

  • Preview the impact of their teams’ resource load before implementing changes

  • Provide team members with automatic notifications on their personalized dashboards about assignment changes

  • Bring teams together via social collaboration tools so everyone gets a clear in-context picture of where the project is today – and where it’s headed in the future

  • Discover why project managers worldwide are using Area Sq to develop, implement and adjust resource management plans that drive project success and organizational growth.

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