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Mechanisation & Operational Automation


An in-depth understanding of the Drivers for increased mechanisation is important to ensure that mechanization is not adopted for the wrong reasons.

The two top Drivers for embarking on mechanization are:

Increased productivity leading to lower unit/ton produces, and this also allows for flexibility to realise extraction of lower grade reserves.

Improved safety by removing workers from high “risk areas” and reducing the incidence of low-skilled work.

Increased productivity improving overall productivity is probably the most important driver for increased mechanization.

We apply a Six-step approach to assist in the multi-criteria decision making process:

  • Identify the need for change

  • Evaluate and “Weight” the criteria

  • Identify the options available

  • Calculate the best option based on the weighted criteria

  • Implement and measure outcome

  • Audit and re-align where required

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