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Afrigle Resource Management

Continuous performance is not just about measuring and monitoring; it’s about anticipation and action, it’s therefore not sufficient to drive your business forward while looking in the rear view mirror. Afrigle resource and performance management provides the establishment of financial and operational targets and the ability to deliver performance results in a timely manner to everyone in the organization that can impact those results.


AFRIGLE’s  resource  management  (ARM)  solutions  also  enable  companies  to  establish  a culture  of  high  performance  where  all  stakeholders  are  always  up  to  date  on  actual performances by means of Real time updates

Modules Available in ARM


  • Registration

  • Classification

  • Functional location

  • TOP (Transfer of property/assets)

  • Asset disposal

  • Transfer of ownership ( Equipment lease/Rental)

  • Asset Control

  • Availability

  • Utilization

  • Re-Occurring Breakdowns

  • Idle Time

  • MTBF

  • MTTR


  • Maintenance schedules

  • Legal compliance

  • Planned Tasks Observations

  • Labour resource requirements (Skills)

  • Inventory control


  • Scheduling calendar

  • Long term Schedule – a schedule to link dates against maintenance activities

  • Task schedule – detail schedule for specific activities

  • Work prioritization – levels of urgency

  • Backlogs

  • Internal or external service scheduling


Work execution

  • Generate job cards as pre-defined format

  • Skill allocation

  • Time & skills allocation

  • Spares allocation

  • Special tool requirements

  • Equipment structure (Component/parts of Main Assemblies)


Component Management

  • Component Tracking

  • Warranty monitoring

  • Life cycle measures (Planned vs. Actual performance)

Fuel Management

  • Fuel Usage

  • Electronic Fuel Management System

  • Rand per Litre

  • Over Usage of Fuel / Lube (leak detection)

Cost Management

  • Cost per Asset (repairs, capital, breakdowns, damages)


  • Tonnes Hauled

  • Cost Per Tonne

  • Progressive production management

  • Blast vs Lost Blast

  • Auto TMM Equipment assigning (based on maintenance and breakdowns)

 Safety Management

  • Accident free days

  • Safety reporting

  • Accident reporting


  • Availability

  • Utilization

  • Equipment efficiency

  • Schedule compliance

  • Backlogs

  • Costs

  • Time recovery

  • Labour Efficiency

  • MTBF

  • MTTR

  • Legal compliance (Shaft, Equipment, Labour, Tools)

    Control Room (“Real Time”)

  • Equipment status report

  • Production update report

  • Delay analysis

  • Operator license status

   Workshop Management

  • Breakdown notification

  • Maintenance schedule due display

  • Equipment Breakdown status

  • Equipment Manual access

  • Print of Job cards, Legal’ s due, Over inspections

  • Artisan Foreman Notifications

  • PTO’s

  • Risk Assessments

  • Over Inspections

  • OEM Electronic Manuals

  • Appointments

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